Environmental Abstraction

03 September 2021 - 09 October 2021

Isabelle Borges (BR)
Bram Braam (NL)
Martijn Schuppers (NL)
Katleen Vink (B)

Galerie Roger Katwijk opens the new gallery season with a groupshow ‘Environmental Abstraction’.

Environmental Abstraction came together as a conversation between the artists Martijn Schuppers and Bram Braam about their mutual interest in reality and abstraction.

The exhibition shows a variety of artistic approaches that refer to our environments, from the digital world to landscapes, geology and architecture; expressed in abstract forms, lines, surfaces, textures, rhythmic geometry and volumes. The eclectic mixture of different styles, materials and mediums show each personal quest to capture and transform our reality into their new artistic abstract visions.