Hans Schuttenbeld

Hans Schuttenbelds is a multi- and interdisciplinary maker who has been calling himself a psychedelic poet since the summer of 2021.

Schuttenbelds work has a wide scope, varying from graphic design to autonomous work, teaching and collective work. His practice operates at the intersection of graphic design and relational autonomous art. His core discipline revolves around ‘the railway’ ( drawing, calligraphy, painting). He experiences the direct feedback loop between the action and the visual result as a powerful playing field. This linked to themes such as control versus spontaneity /rhythm and patterns/ material and technique. Together they provide a vision of the process: a space enclosed in time which listening gives direction to the next action.By bringing the abstracted calligraphic principles into the realm of painting, the carefully applied sequences of brushstrokes meet the universe of color. Using the technique of adding a transparant layer of paint on top of the underpainting, a dialogue between the layers is called into life. The direction of the strokes, their color, transparency and form are in conversation with each other. This is a rich and unpredictable process that gradually unveils before my eyes as the painting slowly develops.

In 2020 Hans Schuttenbeld received the Young Talent Work Contribution from the Mondriaan Fund to stimulate his artistic research and collective practices. With his bachelor of design degree ( Willem de Koning Academie, Rotterdam, 2015) , he belongs to the first group of ‘young talents’ within the revised conditions for this stipend.

Hans Schuttenbeld (1991) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Overview Artworks

Onverbrijzelde aandacht
Psychedelicatessen, 2022
Turning in, 2022
Untitled (1122-1), 2022
Untitled (1122-2), 2022
Untitled (1122-3), 2022
Untitled (1122-4), 2022