Gerard Prent


Prent’s paintings show shapes or fields of color in relation to each other, to the background and to the boundaries of the canvas.

He always works in series. The paintings from the series differ visually because with every new series Prent is triggered to explore other possibilities and other images. Each series represents a different research. Prent’s work contains no topic, nor a message to or about the world.

His paintings are worlds of their own with shapes or colourfields in relation to each other, the background and the frame.

Within this framework, contradictions such as light/dark, foreground/background, form/empty space have been brought into a field of tension.

This tension is intensified or softened in the last brushstrokes in order to achieve a harmony, that is nevertheless frictional.

The grey background plays an important and ever-changing role: as a space in between the painted shapes, as a flat-closed plane against which the colour surfaces stand out, or as space in which the colour surfaces seem to float freely.

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