17 February 2018 - 17 March 2018

"I'll will explain on the way"

Finissage: Saturday 17 March | 16:00 - 18:00

The British artist Tim Ayres (Hastings, 1965) has recently chosen a new creative direction. Although the meaning of words and phrases continue to play a strong role in his work, Ayres has taken to writing upon the canvas, in his own handwriting, using a brush. Handwriting has long fascinated him, among other reasons for its increasing rarity, due to the ubiquitous use of computers. The texts that he now paints on canvases are drippingly wet, resulting in unreadable or at the least challenging to decipher texts. Sometimes he paints a word on the canvas only to hide it under another layer of paint, and the word is barely to be distinguished. His new work is a puzzle to unravel, with the meanings of words and phrases hidden and the traces of their absence to be found in the form of mysterious signs.

Up until recently Ayres made poetic canvases where he featured precisely formed texts painted over a heavy underlayer, using an identical lettertype each time. He created this effect with templates. Now in his newest work, he adds the text with a wet brush dipped in pearlised paint. He also uses a spritzer to rework elements of the text or to make them disappear altogether, bringing a liveliness into the paintings. The way in which the painting is meant to be hung determines how the texts and signs are applied, and influences the images that come to mind. For this reason too, is Ayres’ work about the drawing that occurs within painting.

As in earlier series, much of the text used in the current series spins off of pop songs or his personal experiences. They are about singing and his own interpretations, such as the the work entitled ‘I Wish This Was A Song’ shown at Galerie Roger Katwijk. Another piece shown is a blue work upon which he first wrote something secret upon the white, bare canvas, only to cover it with a layer of blue. The text gleams through. It is titled ‘When I Am Humming To Myself I Am Singing To You.’       

Tim Ayres earned his masters degree in 1989 at the Chelsea School of Art in London, remaining from 1989 to 1991 as artist in residence at the Rijkacademie of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. He lives and works in Amsterdam to this day. After his stay at the Rijksacademie, he had several solo exhibitions in the Amsterdam galleries of Milco Onrust and Vous Etes Ici. Ayres work was featured in numerous group exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum van Bommel van Dam. February 2018 a fourteen piece work will be shown at Art Chapel Amsterdam, and during Art Rotterdam 2018 Roger Katwijk will feature his work in his stand. Ayres work has also taken off internationally, with exhibitions in Zurich, Berlin, Copenhagen and Palma de Mallorca. In 2010 he had a joint show with Han Schuil at the Andreas Binder gallery in Munich, and two years ago a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Space PM/AM in London. The work of Tim Ayres can be found in important corporate collections and museum collections such as those of ABN/AMRO, the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam, the Sharjah Museum (in the United Arab Emirates), the Akzo Nobel Foundation, and the New York Public Library.


"(That tender song).(Emily's painting)", 2017
(I have stepped down from) many trains, 2017
When I'm humming to my self, I'm singing out loud to you, 2017